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11/07/2010J. Clark Come Back Faith
Sunday Morning 2 Samuel
Would you let an adulterer write your scriptures?
Download Come_back_Faith_III_Nov_7_2010.mp3
10/31/2010J. Clark Come Back Faith III
Sunday Morning Joshua 2
Would you put a prostitute in your Hall of Faith?
Download Come_Back_Faith_III_Oct_28_2010.mp3
02/26/2012J. Clark Confounding the World
Sunday Morning Acts 9:19-22
Sharing Jesus your greatest treasure.
Download Confounding_the_world_feb_26_2012.mp3
09/19/2010J. Clark In a Rut?
Sunday Night Psalms 107
How we get stuck and how we get out.
Download In_a_Rut_Dealing_with_trouble_sept_19.mp3
08/01/2010J. Clark Know Jesus, Know God
Sunday Morning Matthew 11:25-30
Jesus has all authority and power to reveal to sinners his Heavenly Father.
Download Matt_11-25-30_Aug_1_2010.mp3
12/27/2009J.Clark Leave the Past Behind
Sunday Night Philippians 3:12-17
Forgetting what lies behind us and pressing into the new year.
Download Leaving_the_past_Phil_3-12-17_dec_27.mp3

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