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04/19/2009Dr. Gary Permenter Safe and Secure
Revival Night 1 John 5:11-13
Security and Salvation are assured to us through Jesus Christ.
Download Gary P Safe & Secure.mp3
08/30/2009J.Clark Renovation of the Soul I
Sunday Morning Psalms 23
Reclaiming the Soul for God.
Download reno_of_the_soul_I.mp3
09/06/2009J. Clark Renovation of the Soul Part II
Sunday Morning Psalms 23
When we walk through the "valley of the shadow of death" He will be with us. He restores us from the darkness of depression.
Download Restoration_of_the_Soul_Part_II.mp3
12/27/2009J.Clark Leave the Past Behind
Sunday Night Philippians 3:12-17
Forgetting what lies behind us and pressing into the new year.
Download Leaving_the_past_Phil_3-12-17_dec_27.mp3
08/01/2010J. Clark Know Jesus, Know God
Sunday Morning Matthew 11:25-30
Jesus has all authority and power to reveal to sinners his Heavenly Father.
Download Matt_11-25-30_Aug_1_2010.mp3
09/19/2010J. Clark In a Rut?
Sunday Night Psalms 107
How we get stuck and how we get out.
Download In_a_Rut_Dealing_with_trouble_sept_19.mp3

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