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02/26/2012J. Clark Confounding the World
Sunday Morning Acts 9:19-22
Sharing Jesus your greatest treasure.
Download Confounding_the_world_feb_26_2012.mp3
09/11/2011J. Clark Where does this kind of evil come from?
Sunday Morning Psalms 7:4
Why did Muslims destroy the towers? How could they do such evil thinking it was good?
Download Where_does_this_kind_of_evil_come_Sept_11_2011.mp3
08/30/2011J. Clark Restoring Vibrant, Biblical Christianity
Sunday Morning John 3:16
Restoring Vibrant VI 10.docx Download Restoring Vibrant VI 10.docx
Download Restoring_Vibrant_VI_John_3-16.mp3
05/22/2011J. Clark Reclaiming our vocation
Sunday Morning Genesis 2:2
Our vocation is our calling.
Download Reclaiming_Vocation_May_22_2011.mp3
12/05/2010J. Clark The Coming of the Christ
Sunday Morning Isaiah 9:1-7
First minute of sermon is cut off.
Download The_Coming_of_the_Christ_Dec_5_2010.mp3
11/07/2010J. Clark Come Back Faith
Sunday Morning 2 Samuel
Would you let an adulterer write your scriptures?
Download Come_back_Faith_III_Nov_7_2010.mp3

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